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EFFECTIVE 09-06-2011 thru 09-03-2012

6529 W. Fremont Road
Laveen, AZ  85339
PH. (602) 237-2870 
FAX (602) 237-9460
Office Hours 9 AM to 3 PM Mountain Standard Time Monday - Friday


Here is a list of the items you will need as a producer
Event Date Request
Event Re Cap Sheet
Insurance Sanctioning Requirements
Special Event Liability Insurance
Payout Calculators - 5D Payout or 4D Payout



Effective immediately you as the Producer of a sanctioned American West barrel race have the options of either a 4D Payout or a 5D.  All Classic Events produced by American West Management will continue to use the 5D payout in the Open Class.

You have a calculator to figure your payoff on the American West website:  
Choose the 4D payout calculator or the 5D payout calculator and enter the added money, number of riders, and entry fees. 

5D Division 1 27% Division 2  23% Division 3  19%  Division 4  17%  Division 5  14%

4D Division 1 30% Division 2 27% Division 3 23% Division 4 20%

Attention all arena operators, please read this package in itís entirety. If additional information is needed, please call the number above. The American West is supported by a large group of event promoters whose mission is to promote the sport of barrel racing.

1.  Co-Sanction:  must be pre approved by the AW4D Management prior to advertising and upload to the web.

2.  Ads:  All Ads for publication must have the AW4D Logo.  No other association names can be included in the ads without the consent of the American West office if AW4D is prime.  This will give contestants instant recognition to enter your race as part of the association. This also confirms to the barrel racers that at least 70% of their total entry fee paid (not including any late fees collected) will go back to the pay off. Logos are enclosed for this purpose.  Producers are encouraged to send ads and entry information for the Special Race Page on the AW4D web site at no charge send in a jpg. or pdf. format to 

3.  Scheduling Race Dates:  Race dates must be submitted through the  web site or in writing before they will be put on the calendar. Dates are booked on a first come basis, dates are not held from year to year. If you have an annual date you wish to continue with, please book it. All co sanctioned events must be pre approved by the AW4D Management.

  • All weeknight/weekday barrel races, (Monday - Friday) will be booked with no mileage restrictions unless it is a Holiday observed by American West 4D, LLC. listed below..
  • Under $1,000 Added money per weekend (Saturday/Sunday or Holiday), 50 miles protection.
  • $1,000 to Less than $2,000 Added money per weekend (Saturday/Sunday, Holiday), with added increments of $100, 100 Mile Protection.
  • $2,000 and Above Added money per weekend (Saturday/Sunday, Holiday), with added increments of $100, 200 Mile Protection.

List of National Holidays Observed New Year Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidentís Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

4. Added Money: Suggested minimum of $200 in added money should be added to weekend and holiday races. Suggested minimum of $100 added to all weeknight races. All added money must be put into the payoff along with the 70% of the contestantís entry fees, the payoff, is to be divided in the same percentages as rule #20. It is up to the arena operator as what categories the added money will be placed. This should be advertised.

5. Arena Operators Fee:  Arena operators will pay $5 per race scheduled per day and completed. 100% of this fee goes to promoting your races via event calendars, and the American West web site Schedule Page, and Special Race Page at

6.  State Points Award Program:  American West will award points toward a Hi Point Award Program where awards will be given at the American West Finals. Race dates must be published in the American West web site.  Every contestant entered in every qualifier race will receive 50 points. Contestants placing in the money will receive one (1), point for every dollar won. Riderís entering more than one horse in any race category will get points on the horse that places highest in the race. If the contestant has paid a membership fee on a second horse, the horse with the lower points awarded will go towards the second membership. The points are awarded to the rider, not the horse. The American West will keep track of points and will publish point standings on the American West web site. Each state will have their individual Hi Point Award Winner(s). The points year will begin on day after Labor Day and will end Labor Day..  If a member moves in the middle of the point year the contestant runs under the state where they reside. No points awarded at the AW4D Finals.  Awards The Open, Senior, and Youth class per state must have at least 30 participants with 6 qualifying runs each to receive saddles from AW4D Management.  Year End Awards will be given through 10 places or 10%, whichever is less, in each Stateís Open, Youth, & Senior categories counting only those with the 6 qualified runs.  Awards will be at AW4D managementís discretion.  Sponsorships are accepted for any and all state year end awards.  Arena Operators/Producers have the right to refuse entry of a AW4D member.

7.  Regular, Triple Point Races and 5X Point Race:  Regular points will be assigned for races with less than $1,000 in added money for all AW4D categories. 

Triple points as long there is $1,000 or more in added money for all AW4D categories.  The $1,000 in added money can be spread over consecutive race days at the same arena, or two races on the same day.

 5X points are given when $5,000 or more in all AW4D categories spread over consecutive race days at the same arena.

8.  Membership Numbers:  Every member will receive a membership card with a membership number.  This number must accompany the name on every entry form to receive proper points and qualifiers.  The membership number is the responsibility of the contestant.  The membership number must be placed on the Arena Race Results or points will not be applied.  The Producer can look up membership numbers on the American West  website:  The American West office staff will not be looking up membership numbers to finish Producerís Race Results.  If the contestant is a new member please write "PENDING" after their name. This is very important for point management.  The Producer is encouraged to utilize the forms attached for recap purposes.

9.   Race Categories:  All weekend and holiday races must include the Open, Senior and Youth categories. Any rider can enter the Open category. THE OPEN 4D/ 5D WILL ALWAYS BE RUN FIRST AT ANY GIVEN EVENT!  Youth riders must be 15 years of age or less. Youth Riders cannot compete in the Youth Class if they turn 16 years of age, if they have qualified for the Finals during the year prior to the Finals' date they will be permitted to compete in Youth at the Finals. Senior riderís must be 50 years of age or older during the competition. Senior cannot compete prior to turning 50 years of age in the Senior Class.

10.  Qualifiers:  If a contestant wants to qualify for the American West Finals, the contestant must participate in 3 American West races per category, (Open, Senior, or Youth),  For each additional horse you wish to ride in the Finals, you must purchase an additional membership ($30) and must participate in 3 races for each additional membership per race category.  You may enter and ride any number of horses at a race in a specific class to qualify for the finals. Membership is on the rider not the horse.A horse may be ridden more than once in any given class by immediate family members only, Mother/Child, Father/Child, Siblings, Husband/Wife or Grandparent.

11.  Bad Checks:  If you receive a returned check and have exhausted all efforts to collect from a rider or vendor, notify the American West office immediately.  The rider or vendor will not be eligible to run or exhibit at jackpots or attend the Finals until said debt (service charges included) has been paid in full. A list of ineligible riders and vendors will be listed in the American West web site: each month. Names will remain on the list until said debt has been paid in full. (Arena operators can collect the debt - allowing the rider to enter - and send notification with their re cap results.) 

12.   Race Results: If complete race results are not received within 14 days after race, the arena operator will owe a $50 late fee.  Promptness in mailing this information is necessary for point and membership management.

a.   List of all contestants, membership numbers, times, and how much money each person won.

b.     $2.00 per entry must be included regardless of penalties, off course, or downed barrels.

c.    Sign up any person who wants to join the American West. Collect and submit membership fees.

d.    A list with name of winners, and their American West Membership numbers. Results and moneys must be mailed to: American West 4-D, 6529 W. Fremont Rd. Laveen, AZ 85339.  If complete race results are not received within 14 days after race, the arena operator will be fined $50.

13.   No Time:  If a rider knocks down a barrel, it will be considered a Ďno time.í No moneys will be paid on said run.  Off Course, Run out of Order, no competitive forward motion, turning the barrel twice will be considered a ďno timeĒ run will count as a qualifier and attendance points will be given for the race.

14.   Ground Test: Producerís responsibility to test and know all ground conditions prior to race day. Proper equipment (i.e. tractor, drag, disc, ripper, and/or water) is a necessity for safe ground to race on. We strongly encourage good ground conditions for the safety of horse and rider.

15.   Disclaimer of Liability:  All persons who participate in any race must sign a disclaimer of liability for the Producer and AMERICAN WEST 4D, LLC.  

16.   Added Money at the Finals: The large sum of added money at the American West Finals is made up from $2 run money collected from Arena Operators and Membership fees. The finals will be held in the fall season each year. Finals dates and location will be determined yearly based on the best possible accommodations for the membership. 

17.  Open 5-D:  Format is divided up into divisions accordingly:

       1st  Division  =  Fastest Time

       2nd Division =  Fastest Time + 1/2 seconds

       3rd Division  =  Fastest Time + 1 second

       4th  Division  =  Fastest Time + 1.5 seconds

       5th  Division  =  Fastest Time + 2 seconds

       Youth/Senior 4-D:  Youth and Senior Class may be paid in the 4D Division using 4D percentages and format.

       1st Division  =  Fastest Time

       2nd Division =  Fastest Time + 1/2 seconds

       3rd Division  =  Fastest Time + 1 second

       4th Division  =  Fastest Time + 2 seconds

18.   Office Charge:  Must be 30% or less. (The $2 run money is included in the 30%). Minimum pay back to contestants is 70% of entry fee.

19.   Division Pay Off Percentages:

5D Payout

Division 1 27% Division 2  23% Division 3  19%  Division 4  17%  Division 5  14%

4D Payout

4D Division 1 30% Division 2 27% Division 3 23% Division 4 20%

NOTE: If times break down where one division has no riders in it, then the pay off must be 30%, 27%, 23%, 20% respectively.  If time break down where two division has no riders in it, then pay off must be 43%, 33%, and 24%.  If only one person is in a division, that rider receives the total pay out for that division.

(This pay off scale is for each division down the same number of places for the 5D Payout).

1 Place 100
2 Places .60 .40
3 Places .43 .33 .24
4 Places .40 .30 .20 .10
5 Places .33 .27 .20 .13 .07
6 Places .28 .24 .19 .14 .09 .06
7 Places .25 .21 .18 .14 .10 .07 .05
8 Places .23 .19. .17 .14 .11 .07 05 .04
9 Places .21 .18 .16 .135 .11 .08 .05 .04 .035
10 Places .20 .18 .15 .125 .10 .08 .06 .04 .035 .03
11 Places .19 .17 .14 .12 .095 .07 .06 .05 .04 .035 .03
12 Places .19 .16 .14 .12 .095 .07 .05 .045 .04 .035 .30 .025
13 Places .188 .166 .136 .105 .081 .063 .053 .046 .042 .036 .032 .027 .025
14 Places .184 .159 .133 .102 .089 .065 .051 .044 .040 .034 .030 .025 .023 .021
15 Places .180 .160 .130 .100 .075 .060 .050 .045 .040 .035 .030 .027 .025 .023 .020
16 Places .175 .158 .129 .100 .080 .070 .048 .042 .039 .033 .029 .025 .021 .019 .017 .015
17 Places .170 .152 .134 .104 .090 .070 .051 .035 .030 .028 .025 .023 .021 .019 .017 .016 .015
18 Places .165 .150 .132 .105 .088 .070 .052 .033 .029 .027 .025 .023 .021 .018 .017 .016 .015 .014
19 Places .016 .147 .131 .104 .087 .069 .051 .032 .028 .026 .024 .022 .020 .019 .018 .017 .016 .015 .014
20 Places .155 .144 .128 .106 .087 .069 .050 .032 .027 .025 .023 .022 .020 .019 .018 .017 .016 .015 .014 .013
21 Places .154 .143 .125 .106 .085 .068 .051 .032 .026 .023 .022 .021 .020 .019 .018 .017 .016 .015 .014 .013 .012
22 Places .153 .143 .126 .105 .086 .068 .049 .031 .0255 .0235 .022 .020 .019 .018 .017 .016 .015 .014 .0135 .0125 .012 .011
23 Places .0152 .142 .125 .104 .085 .067 .047 .029 .024 .022 .021 .020 .019 .018 .017 .016 .0155 .015 .014 .013 .012 .011 .0115
24 Places .151 .142 .124 .104 .083 .065 .046 .027 .023 .022 .021 .020 .018 .017 .016 .0165 .0155 .015 .014 .013 .0125 .012 .0115 .011
25 Places .150 .140 .122 .103 .081 .064 .045 .025 .0225 .021 .0195 .019 .0185 .018 .017 .016 .0155 .015 .0145 .014 .0135 .013 .012 .011 .010

Round off to the nearest dollar (drop the cents). Work it out so the last spot on the pay off of the 5th division wins back moneys equal to or greater than their entry fee. Pay off may be less than entry fees when a small number has entered.

20.   Pay Out: Must be posted at all races. 

21.   Late Fees:  At the discretion of the Arena Operator, all pre entries and late fees must be advertised. 

22.   Cancellations of Race Dates:  All date cancellations must be called in to the American West office and also must be submitted in writing at least 90 days prior to date of race (weather conditions, death, or unforeseen crisis are excluded.) If cancellation is received between 30 days before race date, a $100 cancellation fee will be enforced. If a cancellation is received less than 30 days before the scheduled event a $300 fee will be enforced. Race cancellations are inconsiderate to the contestants and other arena operators who would have liked the date you were holding.  

23.   Poor Weather Conditions:  In the event poor weather conditions require cancellation of any sanctioned race, contact the American office immediately for notification.

24.   Animal Abuse Will Not Be Tolerated. Rider may be dis qualified by Producer. 

25.   Sanctioning: The American West office must approve all co-sanctioning.  Co-sanctioned events will be regulated by the primary association's rules.  When American West is the co-sanction, every American West member will pay an additional $2 per run, per horse fee for points.  Any variation must have administrative approval.   

26.  Carry Over Option:  THE OPEN 4D-5D WILL ALWAYS BE RUN FIRST AT ANY GIVEN EVENT!  Riders have the Carry Over Option when they are entering more than one race category.  The riders must pay both entry fees, but runs only one time in the Open Class.  The open time is carried over to the second race.  The rider must declare their intention when signing up for the first race on a specified named horse. 

27.   Vet Outs:  Are at the discretion of the race producer.  Suggest strongly to post on entry forms.  

28.   Draws: should be done random and fairly.  

29.   Producers should contact national sponsors of the American West to set up a display and sell.  Vendor Fees may be charged accordingly to size of booth space and availability.

30.  Ineligible List   All Producers are responsible to enforce the Ineligible List at their sanctioned and co-sanctioned American West event.  People on the ineligible list will not participate in any American West sanctioned event as a contestant, in time only runs, or as a vendor.  You may be placed on the Ineligible List if you are considered a detriment to the American West Association, make libel or slanderous comments regarding the AW4D Association, the sport of Barrel Racing or bad checks.  You may download the current Ineligible List at:  To clear ones name, please contact the American West office.               


Arena Rules:  Whatever your particular rules and guidelines are, make sure they are advertised in all event ads for your show. Or, have a disclaimer, which states Ďcall for entry form and rules. 

Post Ground Rules at the event for all contestants to read to avoid any conflicts

Circling:   If you are expecting a big crowd, put a one circle (if needed) limit on all riders once they enter the arena to make their run. 

Rakes/Work the Ground:  Normally after 5 numbers, (count the vet out/scratches per section) and big drags after 50 Open riders.

Post Payouts:  Post all payouts after each class for the riders to see and review. 


Concessions:  Specify in the ad whether or not concessions will or will not be available.  

Dress Code:  Specify whether or not a Dress Code will be observed. If so, be specific about your definition of a Dress Code. Dress Code is up to the arena operatorís discretion.   AW4D does allow long sleeve shirts without collars for all riders.  Most publications will usually not print pictures from your event if rider is not in dress code.

Cash Only:  Cash only (unless you know the check writer) on day of race.  

Fees:  Avoid excessive fees.  

Payout Most Producers will pay the last place in the 4D or 5D at least the amount of the entry fee charged.

Team Work:   We encourage all arena operators to work together. At our show, please make an effort to announce additional upcoming American West races at least a few times throughout the day and allow American West flyers to be placed for public pick up.  

55 Gallon Metal Barrels (with both ends closed) for all barrel races

Membership Forms should be available at all races.  Arena Operators/Producers have the right to refuse entry of  AW4D member or non member.

Possible Waiver to use on entry form


In submitting my entry, I hereby release the show organizers,     (name of event and or arena name)__________________________, the American West 4-D, LLC. staff and any official, employee, director or agent of same, and any one else from any claim or right for damages, which may occur to me, my horse, my child, or other property at this event.  I realize there are certain risks in this sport, and I take full responsibility for myself and/or my child if an incident should occur.  It is also understood that by signing this entry, I have read, understood and agree to abide by all the rules.

Contestantís Signature_____________________________________________________ Date______________

Signature of parent or guardian if contestant is a minor ____________________________________________________________Date____________________


Get your Recap Sheet here

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